You can use Apps Manager to add and bind service instances through the Marketplace for your TAS for VMs deployment. The Marketplace offers self-service, on-demand provisioning of add-on services.

For more information about how to add Managed Services to your Cloud Foundry deployment, see the Services topics.

To use a service with your application, you must access the Services Marketplace, create and configure an instance of the service, then bind the service instance to your application.

Step 1: Access the Marketplace

Use the following the steps to access the Marketplace:

  1. Log in to Apps Manager for your Cloud Foundry deployment.

  2. In the left pane of the page, click Marketplace.

    You can access the Marketplace from a space page or from an app dashboard.

Step 2: Create and configure a service instance

Use the following steps to create and configure an instance of a service:

  1. In the Marketplaces, select a service.

  2. Select a plan from the left column, and click Select this plan.

  3. Complete the Configure Instance form with the following information:

    • Instance Name: Create a name for this instance of the service. Service instance names must be unique within a space.
    • Add to Space: From the drop-down menu, select the space where you want to add the service instance.
    • Bind to App: From the drop-down menu, select an app. Click [do not bind] if you do not want to bind the service instance to any app at this time.
  4. Click Add to add the service instance. PWS creates the service instance in the selected space. If you specify an app, PWS binds the service instance to the app.

Step 3: Bind a service instance to an application

Use the following steps to bind an existing service instance to an application:

  1. In the Spaces section of the left pane, select a space.

  2. In the Apps table of the Space page, click the row that lists the application you want to bind. The App Dashboard appears.

  3. On the App Dashboard, select the Services tab.

  4. In the Services panel, click Bind a Service.

  5. Select a service from the Select a service drop-down menu.

  6. Click Bind.

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