Apps Manager is a web-based tool for managing VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs) organizations, spaces, apps, services, and users. This topic helps you get started with Apps Manager.

Browser support

Apps Manager is compatible with the latest major versions of the following browsers:

VMware recommends using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari for the best Apps Manager experience.

About permissions

Your ability to perform actions in Apps Manager depends on your user role and the feature flags that the admin sets. For more information about feature flags, see Using Feature Flags.

The following table shows the relationship between specific org and space management actions and the non-admin user roles who can perform them. A non-admin user must be a member of the org and space to perform these actions.

Admin users can perform all of these actions using either the cf CLI or by logging into Apps Manager as an Org Manager, using the UAA Admin credentials.

Space Managers assign and remove users from spaces by setting and unsetting their roles within the space.

Action CLI command Org Manager Space Manager Org Auditor, Space Developer, or Space Auditor
Create an org create-org
Delete an org delete-org No No No
Rename an org rename-org Yes No No
View org members org-users Yes Yes Yes
Assign user a role in org set-org-role No
Remove org role from user unset-org-role No
View space members space-users Yes Yes Yes
Assign user a role in space set-space-role No
Remove space role from user unset-space-role No

Defaults to no. Yes if feature flag user_org_creation is set to true.

Defaults to no. Yes if feature flags set_roles_by_username and unset_roles_by_username are set to true.

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