PCF Compliance

All functions and services within a PCF deployment require appropriate authentication via UAA. The UAA supports identify federation via the SAMLv2 standard. The UAA also supports the configuration of Identity Provider discovery. This means that users may authenticate via email addresses from different DNS domains. Users from the different domains will be redirected to their respective IDP, as appropriate.

Control Description

The information system uniquely identifies and authenticates non-organizational users (or processes acting on behalf of non-organizational users).

Supplemental Guidance

Non-organizational users include information system users other than organizational users explicitly covered by IA-2. These individuals are uniquely identified and authenticated for accesses other than those accesses explicitly identified and documented in AC-14. In accordance with the E-Authentication E-Government initiative, authentication of non-organizational users accessing federal information systems may be required to protect federal, proprietary, or privacy-related information (with exceptions noted for national security systems). Organizations use risk assessments to determine authentication needs and consider scalability, practicality, and security in balancing the need to ensure ease of use for access to federal information and information systems with the need to protect and adequately mitigate risk. IA-2 addresses identification and authentication requirements for access to information systems by organizational users.

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