When upgrading the GemFire For Kubernetes Operator, all existing GemFire Clusters will automatically restart as part of the upgrade. To prevent restarting the GemFire cluster add a pause reconciliation annotation to the cluster.

  1. Apply pause reconciliation annotation to any GemFire Cluster that you do not wish to be part of the automatic restart. Set the annotation to true.

    kubectl annotate gemfirecluster cluster-example gemfire.tanzu.vmware.com/pause-reconciliation=true --overwrite
  2. Upgrade the CRD.

    helm upgrade gemfire-crd gemfire-crd-xyz.tgz --namespace gemfire-system --set operatorReleaseName=gemfire-operator
  3. Upgrade the operator.

    helm upgrade gemfire-operator gemfire-operator-xyz.tgz --namespace gemfire-system
  4. Remove the pause reconciliation annotation at the earliest convenience to allow the GemFire Cluster to be managed by the GemFire For Kubernetes Operator

    kubectl annotate gemfirecluster cluster-example gemfire.tanzu.vmware.com/pause-reconciliation=false --overwrite
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