If individual service instance upgrades are permitted by the operator, and a newer tile has been made available, then developers may upgrade their own service instances by following the procedure here. Enable Individual Service Instance Upgrades describes how an operator enables developer upgrades of their own service instances.

The cf CLI, v6.46.0 or a more recent version, is a prerequisite for upgrading a VMware Tanzu GemFire for VMs service instance.

To upgrade a single GemFire for VMs service instance:

  1. Confirm that an upgrade is available for the service instance; the upgrade is available when the upgrade available column of the output says yes, as in the sample output:
$ cf services
Getting services in org system / space system as admin...

name   service      plan            last operation   broker            upgrade available
testSI p-cloudcache small-footprint create succeeded cloudcache-broker yes

  1. Upgrade the service instance with a command of the form:
cf update-service SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME --upgrade

Replace SERVICE-INSTANCE-NAME with the name of the instance to be upgraded. Confirm that you want to update when prompted.

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