The Tanzu GemFire cache is the entry point to Tanzu GemFire caching management. Tanzu GemFire provides different APIs and XML configuration models to support the behaviors of different members.

  • Introduction to Cache Management

    The cache provides in-memory storage and management for your data.

  • Managing a Peer or Server Cache

    You start your peer or server cache using a combination of XML declarations and API calls. Close the cache when you are done.

  • Managing a Client Cache

    You have several options for client cache configuration. Start your client cache using a combination of XML declarations and API calls. Close the client cache when you are done.

  • Managing a Cache in a Secure System

    When you create your cache in a secure system, you provide credentials to the connection process for authentication by already-running, secure members. Clients connect to secure servers. Peers are authenticated by secure locators or peer members.

  • Managing RegionServices for Multiple Secure Users

    In a secure system, you can create clients with multiple, secure connections to the servers from each client. The most common use case is a Tanzu GemFire client embedded in an application server that supports data requests from many users. Each user may be authorized to access a subset of data on the servers. For example, customer users may be allowed to see and update only their own orders and shipments.

  • Launching an Application after Initializing the Cache

    You can specify a callback application that is launched after the cache initialization.

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