Echo the given text, which may include system and user variables.

The command can also echo gfsh environment properties (using 'set variable' command) if variable name is pre-pended with '$' - like UNIX.

See Useful gfsh Shell Variables for a list of gfsh environment variables.

Availability: Online or offline.


echo [--string=value]

Name Description
‑‑string String to be echoed. For example, SYS_USER variable is set to ${SYS_USER}.

Table 1. Echo Parameters

Example Commands:

echo --string="Hello World!"
echo --string="Hello World! This is ${SYS_USER}"
echo --string=${APP_FETCH_SIZE}

To see all the variable set in the shell:

echo --string=$*

Sample Output:

gfsh>echo --string=${SYS_JAVA_VERSION}
Post substitution: echo --string=1.8.0_60
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