The Greenplum Command Center metrics collection agent, ccagent, runs on segment hosts and receives real-time metrics emitted by the metrics collection database extension. Each segment host has one ccagent process. The metrics collection extension connects to ccagent using Unix Domain Sockets (UDS) to transfer metrics from Greenplum Database. Starting Greenplum Command Center with the gpcc start command starts the Command Center agent on each segment host. Stopping Command Center with gpcc stop ends these processes. The Command Center backend monitors these agents and restarts them when necessary.

If you expand the Greenplum Database cluster with new segment hosts or replace segment hosts, you must reinstall Command Center so that the agent is installed onto the new hosts.

See Managing Log Files and Data Files for information about managing Command Center agent log files.

Note: For information about the gpperfmon service agents gpmmon and gpsmon, see The gpperfmon Database.

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