The VMware Tanzu Greenplum Connectors provide connectivity between the Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, and Informatica external data sources and VMware Tanzu Greenplum, VMware's massively parallel processing (MPP) analytical data platform. You can use these Connectors to load data into Tanzu Greenplum to perform in-database analytics:

  • Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Apache NiFi - build data ingestion pipelines for Tanzu Greenplum, code-free.

  • Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Apache Spark - initiate high speed, parallel data transfer between Tanzu Greenplum and Apache Spark clusters that supports interactive data analysis for batch and streaming ETL (extract, transform, load) workloads.

  • Tanzu Greenplum Connector for Informatica - initiate high speed data transfer from Informatica PowerCenter to Tanzu Greenplum that supports batch and streaming ETL workloads.

  • Connector for Tanzu Greenplum and Tanzu GemFire - mirror the entries of an entire Tanzu GemFire region into a Tanzu Greenplum table, or mirror all rows in a Greenplum Database table into a GemFire region.

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The Tanzu Greenplum Connector documentation includes the following publications:

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For more information about the Tanzu Greenplum Connectors, visit the VMware Tanzu Greenplum for Advanced Analytics product page.