Follow these steps to download and install the software:

  1. Login to the Greenplum Database coordinator host as the gpadmin user.

  2. Download the latest VMware Greenplum gpcopy software distribution from VMware Tanzu Network.

  3. Navigate to the location of the downloaded file, and uncompress the contents. For example:

    $ cd ~/Downloads
    $ tar xzvf gpcopy-2.5.0.tar.gz

    The software distribution provides two files: gpcopy and gpcopy_helper.

  4. Copy both of the uncompressed files to the $GPHOME/bin directory on the Greenplum coordinator host. For example:

    $ cp gpcopy $GPHOME/bin
    $ cp gpcopy_helper $GPHOME/bin
  5. Set read and execute permissions on the copied files for the gpadmin user on the coordinator host. For example:

    $ chmod 755 $GPHOME/bin/gpcopy
    $ chmod 755 $GPHOME/bin/gpcopy_helper
  6. For Greenplum segment hosts:

    1. Copy only the gpcopy_helper file to the $GPHOME/bin directory on each segment host. For example:

      $ gpscp -h sdw1 -h sdw2 gpcopy_helper =:/usr/local/greenplum-db-6.22.0/bin
    2. Set read and execute permissions on the gpcopy_helper file for the gpadmin user. For example:

      $ gpssh -h sdw1 -h sdw2 -e 'chmod 755 /usr/local/greenplum-db-6.22.0/bin/gpcopy_helper'
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