This is the second Beta release of the gpupgrade utility for Greenplum Database. The gpupgrade utility upgrades a Greenplum Database system from an earlier Greenplum Database version to a newer major version.

Supported Platforms

The gpupgrade utility can be used to upgrade a Greenplum Database 5 system to a Greenplum Database 6 system.

  • The source Greenplum Database 5 system must be at the latest 5.x Greenplum Database release. For pre-upgrade prerequisites and source cluster preparation, see gpupgrade Pre-upgrade Phase.

  • The target Greenplum Database 6 system must be upgraded to the latest version of Greenplum Database 6.x, downloaded from VMware Tanzu Network.

gpupgrade does not support upgrading Greenplum Database 4.3.x systems.


  • This release supports a configuration file for gpupgrade initialize. The configuration file replaces the command line options used in the first Beta release. For usage and options, see Running gpupgrade Initialize.

  • This release supports gpupgrade revert, which restores the source cluster to its original state. You may use revert after gpupgrade initialize and/or after gpupgrade execute. For further details, see Reverting gpupgrade Actions.

  • This release provides migration scripts that target some of the pg_upgrade checks that are executed during gpupgrade initialize and gpupgrade execute. For information on the script types and their usage guidelines, see Using the Migration Scripts.

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