Define an External Table with Single Row Error Isolation

The following example logs errors internally in Greenplum Database and sets an error threshold of 10 errors.

=# CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ext_expenses ( name text, 
   date date,  amount float4, category text, desc1 text ) 
   LOCATION ('gpfdist://etlhost-1:8081/*', 

Use the built-in SQL function gp_read_error_log('external\_table') to read the error log data. This example command displays the log errors for ext_expenses:

SELECT gp_read_error_log('ext_expenses');

For information about the format of the error log, see Viewing Bad Rows in the Error Log.

The built-in SQL function gp_truncate_error_log('external\_table') deletes the error data. This example deletes the error log data created from the previous external table example :

SELECT gp_truncate_error_log('ext_expenses'); 

Parent topic: Handling Load Errors

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