Restoring Greenplum Databases

How you restore a database from parallel backup files depends on how you answer the following questions.

  1. Where are your backup files? If your backup files are on the segment hosts where gpcrondump created them, you can restore the database with gpdbrestore. If you moved your backup files away from the Greenplum array, for example to an archive server with gpcrondump, use gpdbrestore.
  2. **Are you recreating the Greenplum Database system, or just restoring your data?**If Greenplum Database is running and you are restoring your data, use gpdbrestore. If you lost your entire array and need to rebuild the entire system from backup, use gpinitsystem.
  3. Are you restoring to a system with the same number of segment instances as your backup set? If you are restoring to an array with the same number of segment hosts and segment instances per host, use gpdbrestore. If you are migrating to a different array configuration, you must do a non-parallel restore. See Restoring to a Different Greenplum System Configuration.

Parent topic: Parallel Backup with gpcrondump and gpdbrestore

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