The database_* tables store query workload information for a Greenplum Database instance. There are three database tables, all having the same columns:

  • database_now is an external table whose data files are stored in $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/data. Current query workload data is stored in database_now during the period between data collection from the data collection agents and automatic commitment to the database_history table.
  • database_tail is an external table whose data files are stored in $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/data. This is a transitional table for query workload data that has been cleared from database_now but has not yet been committed to database_history. It typically only contains a few minutes worth of data.
  • database_history is a regular table that stores historical database-wide query workload data. It is pre-partitioned into monthly partitions. Partitions are automatically added in two month increments as needed.
Column Type Description
ctime timestamp Time this row was created.
queries_total int The total number of queries in Greenplum Database at data collection time.
queries_running int The number of active queries running at data collection time.
queries_queued int The number of queries waiting in a resource group or resource queue, depending upon which resource management scheme is active, at data collection time.

Parent topic: The gpperfmon Database

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