The pg_resourcetype system catalog table contains information about the extended attributes that can be assigned to Greenplum Database resource queues. Each row details an attribute and inherent qualities such as its default setting, whether it is required, and the value to deactivate it (when allowed).

This table is populated only on the master. This table is defined in the pg_global tablespace, meaning it is globally shared across all databases in the system.

column type references description
restypid smallint   The resource type ID.
resname name   The name of the resource type.
resrequired boolean   Whether the resource type is required for a valid resource queue.
reshasdefault boolean   Whether the resource type has a default value. When true, the default value is specified in reshasdefaultsetting.
rescandisable boolean   Whether the type can be removed or deactivated. When true, the default value is specified in resdisabledsetting.
resdefaultsetting text   Default setting for the resource type, when applicable.
resdisabledsetting text   The value that deactivates this resource type (when allowed).

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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