Note: The pg_resqueue system catalog table is valid only when resource queue-based resource management is active.

The pg_resqueue system catalog table contains information about Greenplum Database resource queues, which are used for the resource management feature. This table is populated only on the master. This table is defined in the pg_global tablespace, meaning it is globally shared across all databases in the system.

column type references description
rsqname name   The name of the resource queue.
rsqcountlimit real   The active query threshold of the resource queue.
rsqcostlimit real   The query cost threshold of the resource queue.
rsqovercommit boolean   Allows queries that exceed the cost threshold to run when the system is idle.
rsqignorecostlimit real   The query cost limit of what is considered a 'small query'. Queries with a cost under this limit will not be queued and run immediately.

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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