Defines a new procedural language for a database.


createlang [<connection_option> ...] [-e] <langname> [[-d] <dbname>]

createlang [<connection-option> ...] -l <dbname>

createlang --help 

createlang --version


The createlang utility adds a new programming language to a database. createlang is a wrapper around the SQL command CREATE EXTENSION.

Note: createlang is deprecated and may be removed in a future release. Direct use of the CREATE EXTENSION command is recommended instead.

The procedural language packages included in the standard Greenplum Database distribution are:

  • PL/pgSQL
  • PL/Perl
  • PL/Python

The PL/pgSQL language is registered in all databases by default.

Greenplum Database also has language handlers for PL/Java and PL/R, but those languages are not pre-installed with Greenplum Database. See the Procedural Languages section in the PostgreSQL documentation for more information.


Specifies the name of the procedural programming language to be defined.
[-d] dbname | [--dbname] dbname
Specifies to which database the language should be added. The default is to use the PGDATABASE environment variable setting, or the same name as the current system user.
-e | --echo
Echo the commands that createlang generates and sends to the server.
-l dbname | --list dbname
Show a list of already installed languages in the target database.

Connection Options

-h host | --host host
The host name of the machine on which the Greenplum master database server is running. If not specified, reads from the environment variable PGHOST or defaults to localhost.
-p port | --port port
The TCP port on which the Greenplum master database server is listening for connections. If not specified, reads from the environment variable PGPORT or defaults to 5432.
-U username | --username username
The database role name to connect as. If not specified, reads from the environment variable PGUSER or defaults to the current system role name.
-w | --no-password
Never issue a password prompt. If the server requires password authentication and a password is not available by other means such as a .pgpass file, the connection attempt will fail. This option can be useful in batch jobs and scripts where no user is present to enter a password.
-W | --password
Force a password prompt.


To install the language plperl into the database mytestdb:

createlang plperl mytestdb

See Also

CREATE LANGUAGE, DROP LANGUAGE in the Greenplum Database Reference Guide

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