Run the commands below from the master node as gpadmin user in order to validate basic functionality of the Greenplum cluster.

  1. Refresh the environment variables:

    $ source ~/.bashrc
  2. Show the state of the Greenplum cluster:

    $ gpstate
  3. Connect to the postgres database and check segment configuration information:

    $ psql postgres
    postgres=# SELECT * FROM gp_segment_configuration ORDER BY hostname;
  4. Once connected to the postgres database, verify that you can create a table, insert data to it and read it:

    postgres=# CREATE TABLE t AS SELECT generate_series(1, 1000000);
    postgres=# SELECT MIN(cnt), MAX(cnt), COUNT(cnt) FROM (SELECT COUNT(*) cnt FROM t GROUP BY gp_segment_id) tt;
    postgres=# DROP TABLE t;
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