This section describes the client and loader tool package installation procedure for CentOS, Ubuntu, and SLES systems.


You must have operating system superuser privileges to install the tools package.

Note: Installing the client tools package automatically installs dependent packages not already installed on the system.


Perform the following procedure to install the client and loader tools package on a CentOS or Ubuntu system.

  1. Locate the installer file that you downloaded from VMware Tanzu Network. The naming format of the file is greenplum-db-clients-<version>-<platform>.<file_type>.

  2. Install the package using your package management utility. You must be the superuser or have sudo access to install packages. For example:

    • To install the tools on a host running CentOS 7.x:
      root@clientsys$ yum install greenplum-db-clients-6.14.0-rhel7-x86_64.rpm
    • To install the tools on a host running SLES 12:
      root@clientsys$ zypper install greenplum-db-clients-6.14.0-sles12-x86_64.rpm
    • To install the tools on a host running Ubuntu 18.04:
      root@clientsys$ apt install greenplum-db-clients-6.14.0-ubuntu18.04-amd64.deb

    The client tools are installed into the /usr/local/greenplum-db-clients-<version>/ directory. The installation process creates a symbolic link from /usr/local/greenplum-db-clients to the install directory.

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