The gp_distribution_policy table contains information about Greenplum Database tables and their policy for distributing table data across the segments. This table is populated only on the master. This table is not globally shared, meaning each database has its own copy of this table.

column type references description
localoid oid pg_class.oid The table object identifier (OID).
policytype char   The table distribution policy:

p - Partitioned policy. Table data is distributed among segment instances.

r - Replicated policy. Table data is replicated on each segment instance.
numsegments integer   The number of segment instances on which the table data is distributed.
distkey int2vector pg_attribute.attnum The column number(s) of the distribution column(s).
distclass oidvector pg_opclass.oid The operator class identifier(s) of the distribution column(s).

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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