In this section, you use the pre-built Photon 3.0 base OVA file inside the appliance to deploy the Greenplum Database cluster. You provision all of the virtual machines for Greenplum Database to operate and monitor the deployment process. Finally, you configure the GPCC login user.

Initializing the Greenplum Virtual Operator CLI

  1. Run the Greenplum Virtual Operator CLI initialization.

    /etc/gpv/gpv config init
  2. Follow the instructions in the terminal and enter all the required parameters.

  3. Display the configuration file and double-check that everything is correct.

    /etc/gpv/gpv config list

Importing the Greenplum Database Base OVA as a Virtual Machine

Import the base OVA by running the following command:

/etc/gpv/gpv base import /etc/gpv/template/gpvm-*.ova

This command imports the base OVA into your vSphere compute cluster as a new virtual machine named [base-name]. The new virtual machine has the OVF properties populated based on the configuration input above.

Note: Do not power on the base virtual machine manually.

Starting and Validating the Base Virtual Machine

Run the following command:

/etc/gpv/gpv base deploy

This command powers on the base virtual machine, waits for the public IP to be available, and finally performs validations on the virtual machine.

Deploying the Greenplum Database Cluster

  1. Deploy the Greenplum Database cluster by running the following command:

    /etc/gpv/gpv greenplum deploy

    This command creates all the virtual machines of the new Greenplum Database cluster under the resource pool named [prefix]-greenplum. Greenplum Database automatically initializes once all the virtual machines have finished booting up.

  2. Validate the Greenplum Database deployment by running the following command:

    /etc/gpv/gpv greenplum validate

    This command waits for the database initialization to complete and then runs validations on Greenplum Database. When it displays the message complete and quits, the cluster is ready to use.

Setting Up the GPCC Login User

After the initialization, the Greenplum Command Center (GPCC) web service is available at:


Note: https is enabled by default.

There are two default login users for GPCC: gpmon and gpcc_user. The user gpmon is reserved for the service to function and must not be used, you must use gpcc_user to login to the GPCC web page.

In order to login to the web page, you must reset the password for the user gpcc_user. Run /etc/gpv/reset-gpcc-password as gpadmin user on the mdw machine and follow the prompt to set the new password. Then login to the web page with username gpcc_user and the new password.

If you wish to create a new login user for GPCC, please refer to the GPCC documentation.

Getting the Greenplum Database Cluster Connection Information

Run the following command to obtain the postgresql connection string as well as the GPCC URL information:

/etc/gpv/gpv greenplum list

Next Steps

You have now deployed Greenplum Database. Follow the steps provided in Validating the Greenplum Installation to verify that Greenplum is installed correctly.

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