The gp_session_endpoints view lists the endpoints created for all active parallel retrieve cursors declared by the current session user in the current session.

Endpoints exist only for the duration of the transaction that defines the parallel retrieve cursor, or until the cursor is closed.

name type references description
gp_segment_id integer   The QE’s endpoint gp_segment_id.
auth_token text   The authentication token for a retrieve session.
cursorname text   The name of the parallel retrieve cursor.
sessionid integer   The identifier of the session in which the parallel retrieve cursor was created.
hostname varchar(64)   The name of the host from which to retrieve the data for the endpoint.
port integer   The port number from which to retrieve the data for the endpoint.
username text   The name of the session user (not the current user); you must initiate the retrieve session as this user.
state text   The state of the endpoint; the valid states are:

READY: The endpoint is ready to be retrieved.

ATTACHED: The endpoint is attached to a retrieve connection.

RETRIEVING: A retrieve session is retrieving data from the endpoint at this moment.

FINISHED: The endpoint has been fully retrieved.

RELEASED: Due to an error, the endpoint has been released and the connection closed.
endpointname text   The endpoint identifier; you provide this identifier to the RETRIEVE command.

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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