To ensure that your cloud account resources meet industrial, governmental, organizational, or team configuration standards, cloud administrators can define and apply governance policies. Once applied, you and your resource owners can see when resources are out of compliance. Tanzu Hub and Tanzu Guardrails provide the information that you need to investigate and resolve findings.

Getting started with governance

Use Tanzu Guardrails to govern your cloud accounts and subscriptions.

  1. Before you begin.
    1. Add your accounts with permission to manage your provider resources.
    2. Add findings sources for governance.
    3. Add users and projects.
  2. Day 1 for an administrator.
    1. Define and apply governance policies based on your governance goals.
    2. Add finding sources for cloud-native monitoring data.
  3. Day in the life of using governance for peace of mind.
    1. Investigate your resources based on findings.
    2. Use desired state templates in VMware Tanzu Guardrails to manage configuration drift.
    3. Set up desired states and remediation in VMware Tanzu Guardrails by using custom templates in your Git repository.