Add projects and assign users for Tanzu Hub

Projects allow you manage permissions for users so that they have one set of permissions for resources associated with one project but different permissions in another project.

You can create projects in Tanzu Hub or in the VMware Cloud Services Console. In the console, you can assign users but you cannot associate resources. In Tanzu Hub, you can assign users and resources. Adding projects in Tanzu Hub is more efficient.

When you log in to Tanzu Hub, you only see the projects to which you are assigned. You can change between projects from the drop-down Context list in the header. When you switch between projects, you only see the resources that are assigned to that project.


You cannot switch between projects when you are using Insights.

Before you begin

Create a project in Tanzu Hub

Do the following to create a project, assign users and manage their permissions, and add resources to the project.

  1. In Tanzu Hub, select Administration > Set Up and Configure > Projects and click New Project.
  2. Enter a Project name and click Create Project and Continue.
  3. Add one or more users to the project.

    If you have users to whom you are assigning different roles in the project, repeat the Add Members procedure in batches. For example, do it once to give a single user the Project Admin and Tanzu Hub Admin roles and do it a second time to give the other members only the Tanzu Hub Admin role.

    1. Click Add Member.
    2. Enter the users that you want to have access to the project.

      For example,

    3. If you want the user to be able of modify and manage access to the project and the project resources, select Project Admin.

      This role and the following roles are assigned to all the users listed in Select identities.

  4. Add resources by adding accounts.

    1. Click Add Resources.
    2. Select the accounts that you want the project members to have access to based on the assigned role of viewer or admin.
    3. Click Add.
  5. Review the resources to understand what other VMware services use this project.

    For example, if a governance template is assigned to the project, the governance service appears here. If you want to delete the project, you would first need to remove the template.

  6. Save your changes.

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