Define and apply governance policies in VMware Tanzu Hub

The governance guidance is based on based on a few governance goals. After you are familiar with the Tanzu Hub definition processes, you can begin to address your specific goals.

Governance goals and how to define them

To begin, determine the first goal that you want to address and use the procedure provided to familiarize yourself with the process. When you become familiar with defining and resolving the findings, you can leverage your new knowledge to define governance that is specific to your organizational needs.

Goal Governance process
An app owner, team, or SRE needs to ensure that their current resource configurations meet predefined industry or government benchmarks, such as CIS, PCI DSS, or ISO. Apply a predefined Tanzu Hub governance benchmark
You have a cloud account that does not yet include governance for its desired state, and you need to apply and enforce its desired state. Enforce governance on onboarded cloud accounts
Create an AWS landing zone with desired input parameters and credentials for the org, OUs, and SCP policies, and then enforce the desired states. Create your landing zones and enforce VMware Tanzu Hub governance
A security analyst needs to define rules and compliance frameworks that the app team must use. Define VMware Tanzu Hub governance for your resources
A Cloud Operations administrator must create compliance policies and vulnerability policies for their accounts. Enforce compliance and vulnerability policies in VMware Tanzu Guardrails for virtual machines on cloud accounts
A Cloud Operations administrator must set up desired states and remediation by using custom desired state templates in their GitHub or GitLab repository. Set up desired states and remediation in VMware Tanzu Guardrails by using custom templates in your Git repository

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