Setting up data connections in VMware Tanzu Hub

Data connections provide data to Tanzu Hub and can allow you to make changes to the resources. The most important connections are to your cloud provider accounts so that you can manage the resources. However, you can also add information connections that provide third-party reporting that, combined with what Tanzu Hub can do, gives you a single location to manage your resources across cloud providers.

Data connection goals and how to configure the connections

If you are just getting started with Tanzu Hub, begin by adding accounts for your cloud providers. After reviewing the collected data, you can continue configuring data connections so the you get a more in-depth view of how you can use Tanzu Hub to manage your resources.

If your goal is to… See…
Get started with Tanzu Hub.

You must set up accounts so that Tanzu Hub can collect information about your resources.

The onboarding options include adding individual accounts, multiple accounts at once, and configuring elevated credentials that allow you to modify resources from Tanzu Hub.

  • Add an AWS account
  • Add an Azure account
  • Add a GCP account
  • Add a vCenter account
  • Manage kubernetes clusters from Tanzu Hub. You can attach discovered or self-managed kubernetes clusters.
  • Attach a kubernetes cluster
  • Work with cloud native findings sources that Tanzu Guardrails adds to the reported policy findings. You can add one or more of the findings sources
  • Add findings sources for Tanzu Guardrails
  • Ensure that cloud native and VMware alarms and alerts contribute to your Tanzu Insights, add one or more data sources.
  • Add data sources for Tanzu Insights
  • Send alerts to your stakeholders using email and Slack when Tanzu Guardrails aggregates findings or Tanzu Insights generates observations and insights, configure the notifications that are appropriate for your users.
  • Add alert notifications
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