Where to begin when using VMware Tanzu Platform hub

Depending on your assigned user role, your workflow might be extensive or focused. This overview provides a general sense of where you can begin as either an organization administrator, an Tanzu Platform hub administrator, or an application owner.

In this user-based workflow, you can see how a cloud administrator has the opportunity to manage resources and do basic curation of applications. If the administrator is not passing the application to an application owner, they can continue with the more detailed application curation workflows.

Day 1 for the organization owner

As the organization owner or administrator, you must connect accounts so that Tanzu Platform hub can discover your cloud resources.

When you are ready, the organization owner or administrator performs these tasks as they onboard users.

Day in the life of an administrator

A user with the Tanzu Platform hub administrator role performs these tasks as they triage and model discovered applications, and as they monitor the application resources.

Day in the life of a resource owner

Application owners must have the Tanzu Platform hub administrator role so that they can perform these tasks as they manage their applications.

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