Warning: This feature is a beta component and is intended for evaluation and test purposes only. Do not use this feature in a production environment. Product support and future availability are not guaranteed for beta components.

After you have added users to your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition deployment on vSphere and assigned the cluster manager or admin role to them, you can optionally assign resource quotas to them. By setting quotas, you can limit the amount of compute power and memory that those users can consume. You can also set a limit on the number of clusters that they can deploy.

  1. Go to the Quotas view of the management console.

    Resource quotas View a larger version of this image

  2. Click Add Quota and select the users to whom to apply the quota.

    Only users who have the cluster manager role appear in the list.
    Add resource quota to users

  3. Enter maximums for the number of virtual CPUs and the amount of memory that the selected users can consume, and the number of clusters they can create.

    You can also use the Unlimited toggles to allow the users unrestricted access to resources.

    Resource quotas

  4. Click Save.

To update the resources assigned to a user, or to delete a quota, select the quota and click either Edit or Delete.

Edit or delete quotas

Note: Deleting a quota only deletes the quota. It does not delete the user account.

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