This topic describes how to set up a Concourse pipeline to perform automatic upgrades of a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition installation.

When you configure the upgrade pipeline, the pipeline upgrades your installation when a new Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition release becomes available on VMware Tanzu Network.

By default, the pipeline upgrades when a new major patch version is available.

For more information about configuring and using Concourse for continuous integration (CI), see the Concourse documentation.

Download the Upgrade Pipeline

Perform the following steps:

  1. From a browser, log in to VMware Tanzu Network.

  2. Navigate to the Platform Automation Tools product page to download the upgrade-tile pipeline.

    Note: If you cannot access Platform Automation Tools on VMware Tanzu Network, contact Support.

  3. (Optional) Edit params.yml to configure the pipeline.

    • For example, edit the product_version_regex value to follow minor version updates.
  4. Set the pipeline using the fly CLI for Concourse. See the upgrade-tile pipeline documentation for more information.

Configure Automated Ops Manager and Xenial Stemcell Downloading

If you use an automated pipeline to upgrade TKGI, you must configure your pipeline to download only Ops Manager and Xenial Stemcell versions that are compatible with your version of TKGI.

Warning: VMware recommends that you review the Tanzu Network metadata for your version of TKGI and confirm Ops Manager and stemcell version compatibility before using the Tanzu Network APIs to update Ops Manager and Xenial Stemcells in your automated pipeline.

To configure your automated TKGI upgrade pipeline:

  1. To retrieve the Ops Manager and Xenial Stemcell versions compatible with your TKGI version:

    curl -X GET

    Where RELEASE-ID is the VMware Tanzu Network ID for your TKGI version. You can see the RELEASE-ID in the VMware Tanzu Network URL for your TKGI version.

    For example:

    The following example returns the versions of TKGI dependencies that are compatible with TKGI v1.13.3:

     curl -X GET

    { “dependencies”:[ { “release”:{ “id”:1072437, “version”:“2.10.34”, “product”:{ “id”:78, “slug”:“ops-manager”, “name”:“VMware Tanzu Operations Manager” }, “_links”:{ “self”:{ “href”:“” } } } }, { “release”:{ “id”:1060252, “version”:“2.10.33”, “product”:{ “id”:78, “slug”:“ops-manager”, “name”:“VMware Tanzu Operations Manager” }, “_links”:{ “self”:{ “href”:“” } } } }, { “release”:{ “id”:1054339, “version”:“2.10.32”, “product”:{ “id”:78, “slug”:“ops-manager”, “name”:“VMware Tanzu Operations Manager” }, “_links”:{ “self”:{ “href”:“” } } } }, { “release”:{ “id”:1051964, “version”:“621.211”, “product”:{ “id”:233, “slug”:“stemcells-ubuntu-xenial”, “name”:“Pivotal Stemcells (Ubuntu Xenial)” }, “_links”:{ “self”:{ “href”:“” } } } } ], “_links”:{ “self”:{ “href”:“” } } }

    The example returned metadata above indicates that TKGI v1.13.3 is compatible with only Ops Manager versions v2.10.34, v2.10.33, and v2.10.32 and Xenial Stemcell version v621.211.

  2. Configure your automated pipeline to upgrade to only a component version specified in the returned metadata for your version of TKGI.

For more information on retrieving TKGI dependencies, see API reference in the VMware Tanzu Network documentation.

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