This section describes how to back up and restore VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition Management Plane.


Back up and restore of the TKGI Management Plane includes the following components:

You use Ops Manager to backup and restore the BOSH Director and TKGI tiles. You use BOSH Backup and Restore (BBR) to backup and restore the TKGI Management Plane VMs. Restoring the Ops Manager VM is a manual process.

To backup and restore the TKGI Management Plane, see the following topics:

Testing Considerations

As part of your TKGI backup and restore planning and testing, consider the following test scenario.

  • Export Ops Manager configuration.
  • Take backup of TKGI Management Plane using BBR.
  • Power off the Ops Manager, BOSH, and TKGI Control Plane VMs.
  • Deploy a new Ops Manager VM and import the exported configuration.
  • Restore BOSH and TKGI VMs using BBR.

On restore of all TKGI Management Plane components, there should be no loss of data for configurations included in the backups. Any TKGI configuration changes made after the backup was taken are not restored since they were made after the backup.

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