This topic describes the prerequisites and resource requirements for installing VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Before installing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition:

  1. Review the sections below.

  2. Install and configure Ops Manager. To install Ops Manager, follow the instructions in Installing and Configuring Ops Manager on AWS.

Resource Requirements

Installing Ops Manager and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition requires the following virtual machines (VMs):

VM VM Type Default VM Count
BOSH Director m4.large 1
TKGI API m4.large 1
TKGI Database m4.large 1

NOTE: VMware recommends deploying TKGI on its own dedicated Ops Manager instance, rather than on a shared Ops Manager that also hosts other runtimes such as Tanzu Application Service.

Storage Requirements for Large Numbers of Pods

If you expect the cluster workload to run a large number of pods continuously, then increase the size of persistent disk storage allocated to the TKGI Database VM as follows:

Number of Pods Persistent Disk Requirements (GB)
1,000 pods 20
5,000 pods 100
10,000 pods 200
50,000 pods 1,000

Kubernetes Cluster Resources

Each Kubernetes cluster provisioned through Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition deploys the VMs listed below. If you deploy more than one Kubernetes cluster, you must scale your allocated resources appropriately.

VM VM Count CPU Cores Memory (GB) Ephemeral Disk (GB) Persistent Disk (GB)
Control Plane 1 2 4 32 5
Worker 1 2 4 32 50

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