This section describes how you use Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

Before you can create Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, you must deploy a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster. For information about deploying the management cluster, see Installing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

You can use the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid CLI to deploy Tanzu Kubernetes clusters from your management cluster to vSphere and Amazon EC2. If you have vSphere 7.0 and you have enabled the vSphere with Kubernetes feature, you can also use the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid CLI to interact with the vSphere with Kubernetes Supervisor Cluster, and to deploy Tanzu Kubernetes clusters from the Supervisor Cluster.

NOTE: You cannot provision Tanzu Kubernetes clusters across providers. A management cluster that is running on vSphere cannot create a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster in Amazon EC2, and vice-versa. It is not possible to use shared services between the different providers because, for example, vSphere clusters are reliant on sharing vSphere networks and storage, while Amazon EC2 uses its own systems.

The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides commands and options to perform the following common cluster creation and lifecycle management operations:

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