Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes binaries for tools that help you to provide in-cluster and shared services to your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid instance. All of the provided binaries and container images are built by VMware.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides extensions that allow you to implement user authentication, log forwarding, and ingress control on Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters.

IMPORTANT: Due to significant improvements in the mechanism to deploy extensions in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.2 before attempting to deploy any extensions.

Download and Unpack the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions Bundle

  1. On the system that you use as the bootstrap environment, go to https://www.vmware.com/go/get-tkg and log in with your My VMware credentials.
  2. Under Product Downloads, click Go to Downloads.
  3. Scroll to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions Manifest 1.1.0 and click Download Now.
  4. Use either the tar command or the extraction tool of your choice to unpack the bundle of YAML manifest files for the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions.

    tar -xzf tkg-extensions-manifests-v1.1.0-vmware.1.tar.gz

    For convenience, unpack the bundle in the same location as the one from which you run tkg and kubectl commands.

Deploying the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions in an Internet Restricted Environment

If you are using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in an internet-restricted environment, after you download and unpack the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions bundle, you must edit the extension files so that Tanzu Kubernetes Grid pulls images from your local private Docker registry rather than from the external Internet. For information about how to configure your environment for internet-restricted deployments, see Deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to vSphere in an Internet-Restricted Environment.

  1. Copy the unpacked folder of extensions manifests to the machine within your firewall on which you run the tkg CLI.
  2. Use the search and replace utility of your choice to search recursively through the tkg-extensions-manifests-v1.1.0-vmware.1 folder and replace vmware-docker-tkg.bintray.io with the address of your private Docker registry, for example custom-image-repository.io/yourproject.

After making this change, when you use the extension manifest files to create Tanzu Kubernetes clusters that implement the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions, images will be pulled from your local private Docker registry rather than from the external Internet.

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