VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.4.1 | 06 JAN 2022

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What's New in v1.4.1

Here are the key new features and capabilities specific to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1. See Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.0 Release Notes for new features and capabilities that apply to all v1.4.x versions.

  • You can register deployed management clusters in Tanzu Mission Control. For a list of supported infrastructure providers, see Requirements for Registering a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with Tanzu Mission Control in the Tanzu Mission Control documentation.
    • The Register TMC pane is removed from the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid installer interface.
    • The tanzu management-cluster register command is removed from the Tanzu CLI.
    • The cluster configuration variable TMC_REGISTRATION_URL is ignored.
  • On vSphere with NSX Advanced Load Balancer configured as the control plane endpoint, Dex and Pinniped services for identity management deploy as service type LoadBalancer. Previously, they deployed as ServiceType: NodePort and you had to integrate NSX Advanced Load Balancer with your identity provider manually.
  • Management clusters created with the prod plan have three worker nodes by default. Previously, the default count was one.
  • Management clusters can be deployed with more control plane and worker nodes than the dev and prod plans define by default, by setting the CONTROL_PLANE_MACHINE_COUNT and WORKER_MACHINE_COUNT variables.
  • In proxied environments, configuration variable TKG_PROXY_CA_CERT lets the proxy server use a different self-signed certificate than is used by the private image registry.

Product Snapshot for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4 supports the following infrastructure platforms and operating systems (OSs), as well as cluster creation and management, networking, storage, authentication, backup and migration, and observability components. The component versions listed in parentheses are included in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4. For more information, see Component Versions.

vSphere Amazon EC2 Azure
Infrastructure platform vSphere 6.7U3 and later, vSphere 7, VMware Cloud on AWS****, Azure VMware Solution Native AWS* Native Azure*
Cluster creation and management Core Cluster API (v0.3.22), Cluster API Provider vSphere (v0.7.10) Core Cluster API (v0.3.22), Cluster API Provider AWS (v0.6.6) Core Cluster API (v0.3.22), Cluster API Provider Azure (v0.4.15)
Kubernetes node OS distributed with TKG Photon OS 3, Ubuntu 20.04 Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04
Build your own image Photon OS 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04
Container runtime Containerd (v1.4.6) + Containerd (v1.4.6) + Containerd (v1.4.6) +
Container networking Antrea (v0.13.3), Calico (v3.11.3) Antrea (v0.13.3), Calico (v3.11.3) Antrea (v0.13.3), Calico (v3.11.3)
Container registry Harbor (v2.2.3) Harbor (v2.2.3) Harbor (v2.2.3)
Ingress NSX Advanced Load Balancer Essentials (v20.1.3)**, Contour (v1.17.2),Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO) (v1.4.3_vmware.1),Avi Controller (v20.1.3 and v20.1.6) Contour (v1.17.1) Contour (v1.17.1)
Storage vSphere Container Storage Interface (v2.3.0***) and vSphere Cloud Native Storage In-tree cloud providers only In-tree cloud providers only
Authentication OIDC via Pinniped (v0.4.4), LDAP via Pinniped (v0.4.4) and Dex OIDC via Pinniped (v0.4.4), LDAP via Pinniped (v0.4.4) and Dex OIDC via Pinniped (v0.4.4), LDAP via Pinniped (v0.4.4) and Dex
Observability Fluent Bit (v1.7.5), Prometheus (v2.27.0), Grafana (v7.5.7) Fluent Bit (v1.7.5), Prometheus (v2.27.0), Grafana (v7.5.7) Fluent Bit (v1.7.5), Prometheus (v2.27.0), Grafana (v7.5.7)
Backup and migration Velero (v1.6.2) Velero (v1.6.2) Velero (v1.6.2)


  • * See Supported AWS and Azure Regions below.
  • ** NSX Advanced Load Balancer Essentials is supported on vSphere 6.7U3, vSphere 7, and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • *** Version of vsphere_csi_driver. For a full list of vSphere Container Storage Interface components included in this release, see Component Versions.

Supported Kubernetes Versions in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1

Each version of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid adds support for new Kubernetes versions. This version also supports versions of Kubernetes from previous versions of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Version Provided Kubernetes Versions Supported in v1.4?
1.4.x 1.21.2, 1.20.8, 1.19.12 YES, YES, YES
1.3.1 1.20.5, 1.19.9, 1.18.17 YES, YES, NO
1.3.0 1.20.4, 1.19.8, 1.18.16, 1.17.16 YES, YES, NO, NO
1.2.1 1.19.3, 1.18.10, 1.17.13 YES, NO, NO
1.2 1.19.1, 1.18.8, 1.17.11 YES, NO, NO

Component Version Updates

  • Contour v1.17.2
  • Envoy v1.18.4

Component Versions

The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1 release includes the following software component versions:

  • ako-operator: v1.4.0+vmware.1
  • alertmanager: v0.22.2+vmware.1
  • antrea: v0.13.3+vmware.1
  • cadvisor: v0.39.1+vmware.1
  • calico_all: v3.11.3+vmware.1
  • cloud-provider-azure: v0.7.4+vmware.1
  • cloud_provider_vsphere: v1.21.0+vmware.1
  • cluster-api-provider-azure: v0.4.15+vmware.1
  • cluster_api: v0.3.22+vmware.1
  • cluster_api_aws: v0.6.6+vmware.1
  • cluster_api_vsphere: v0.7.11+vmware.1
  • configmap-reload: v0.5.0+vmware.1
  • contour: v1.17.2+vmware.1
  • crash-diagnostics: v0.3.3+vmware.1
  • csi_attacher: v3.2.0+vmware.1
  • csi_livenessprobe: v2.2.0+vmware.1
  • csi_node_driver_registrar: v2.1.0+vmware.1
  • csi_provisioner: v2.2.0+vmware.1
  • dex: v2.27.0+vmware.1
  • envoy: v1.18.4+vmware.1
  • external-dns: v0.8.0+vmware.1
  • fluent-bit: v1.7.5+vmware.1
  • gangway: v3.2.0+vmware.2
  • grafana: v7.5.7+vmware.1
  • harbor: v2.2.3+vmware.1
  • imgpkg: v0.10.0+vmware.1
  • jetstack_cert-manager: v1.1.0+vmware.2
  • k8s-sidecar: v1.12.1+vmware.1
  • k14s_kapp: v0.37.0+vmware.1
  • k14s_ytt: v0.34.0+vmware.1
  • kapp-controller: v0.25.0+vmware.1
  • kbld: v0.30.0+vmware.1
  • kube-state-metrics: v1.9.8+vmware.1
  • kube-vip: v0.3.3+vmware.1
  • kube_rbac_proxy: v0.8.0+vmware.1
  • kubernetes-csi_external-resizer: v1.1.0+vmware.1
  • kubernetes-sigs_kind: v1.21.2+vmware.1-v0.8.1
  • kubernetes_autoscaler: v1.21.0+vmware.1, v1.20.0+vmware.1, v1.19.1+vmware.1
  • load-balancer-and-ingress-service: v1.4.3+vmware.1
  • metrics-server: v0.4.0_vmware.1
  • multus-cni: v3.7.1_vmware.2
  • pinniped: v0.4.4+vmware.1
  • prometheus: v2.27.0+vmware.1
  • prometheus_node_exporter: v1.1.2+vmware.1
  • pushgateway: v1.4.0+vmware.1
  • sonobuoy: v0.20.0+vmware.1
  • tanzu-framework: v1.4.1
  • tanzu-framework-addons: v1.4.1
  • tkg-bom: v1.4.1
  • tkg_telemetry: v1.4.0+vmware.1
  • velero: v1.6.2+vmware.1
  • velero-plugin-for-aws: v1.2.1+vmware.1
  • velero-plugin-for-microsoft-azure: v1.2.1+vmware.1
  • velero-plugin-for-vsphere: v1.1.1+vmware.1
  • vsphere_csi_driver: v2.3.0+vmware.1

Supported Upgrade Paths

You can only upgrade to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1 from v1.3.x and v1.4.0. If you want to upgrade to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1 from a version earlier than v1.3.x, you must upgrade to v1.3.x first before upgrading to v1.4.1.

When upgrading Kubernetes versions on Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, you cannot skip minor versions. For example, you cannot upgrade a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster directly from v1.19.x to v1.21.x. You must upgrade a v1.19.x cluster to v1.20.x before upgrading the cluster to v1.21.x.

Breaking Changes

You must apply the following changes to your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1 environment before upgrading from v1.4.0 and earlier.

  • (AWS only) If you want to use Tanzu Mission Control, you must add permissions to the nodes.tkg.cloud.vmware.com policy. This enables the Tanzu Mission Control resource retriever on AWS. See Tanzu Mission Control for the full list of required permissions.

Resolved Issues

The following issues from Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.0 have been resolved in v1.4.1.

  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management clusters can be registered with Tanzu Mission Control

    You can register Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management clusters with Tanzu Mission Control from the Tanzu Mission Control UI.

    The cluster configuration variable TMC_REGISTRATION_URL and the Tanzu CLI command tanzu management-cluster register are no longer used.

  • Management cluster and infrastructure can be behind different proxies

    In proxied, internet-restricted environments in which the management cluster and infrastructure (such as vCenter) are on different networks and behind a different proxies, the local bootstrap kind cluster can access and pull container images.

    Resolves issue that prevented access from bootstrap cluster in such environments.

  • Production plan management cluster on AWS has three workers

    Default number of worker nodes deployed in production plan management cluster on AWS has been increased from one to three.

    Previous behavior: After selecting an Amazon EC2 instance type under AZ1 Worker Node Instance Type, AZ2 Worker Node Instance Type, and AZ3 Worker Node Instance Type in the Production view, the installer deployed the management cluster with only one worker node, AZ1 Worker Node Instance Type, instead of three worker nodes.

  • Disconnecting or powering off vCenter host does not cause workload cluster upgrade or deletion to hang.


Known Issues

The following known issues apply specifically to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.1. See the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v1.4.0 Release Notes for known issues that apply to all v1.4.x versions.

  • Installer ignores test names entered for LDAP check

    The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid installer interface ignores what you enter in the Test User Name (Optional) and Test Group Name (Optional) fields when verifying LDAP configuration. Instead, it uses cn for the test user name and ou for the test group name when running its LDAP check.


  • Management cluster create fails or performance slow with older NSX-T versions and Photon 3 or Ubuntu with Linux kernel 5.8 VMs

    Deploying a management cluster with the following infrastructure and configuration may fail or result in restricted traffic between pods:

    • vSphere with any of the following versions of NSX-T:
      • NSX-T v3.1.3 with Enhanced Datapath enabled
      • NSX-T v3.1.x lower than v3.1.3
      • NSX-T v3.0.x lower than v3.0.2 hot patch
      • NSX-T v2.x. This includes Azure VMware Solution (AVS) v2.0, which uses NSX-T v2.5
    • Base image: Photon 3 or Ubuntu with Linux kernel 5.8

    This combination exposes a checksum issue between older versions of NSX-T and Antrea CNI.

    TMC: If the management cluster is registered with Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) there is no workaround to this issue. Otherwise, see the workarounds below.


    • Upgrade to NSX-T v3.0.2 Hot Patch, v3.1.3, or later, without Enhanced Datapath enabled
    • Use an Ubuntu base image with Linux kernel 5.9 or later.
    • If the management cluster deploys successfully, run the following on all of its nodes:
      • ethtool -K eth0 tx-udp_tnl-segmentation off && ethtool -K eth0 tx-udp_tnl-csum-segmentation off

User Documentation

The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 1.4 documentation applies to all of the 1.4.x releases.

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