VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides organizations with a consistent, upstream-compatible, regional Kubernetes substrate that is ready for end-user workloads and ecosystem integrations. You can deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Grid across software-defined datacenters (SDDC) and public cloud environments, including vSphere, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon EC2.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid platforms

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Architecture

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid allows you to run Kubernetes with consistency and make it available to your developers as a utility, just like the electricity grid. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid has a native awareness of the multi-cluster paradigm, not just for clusters, but also for the services that your clusters share.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid builds on trusted upstream and community projects and delivers a Kubernetes platform that is engineered and supported by VMware, so that you do not have to build your Kubernetes environment by yourself. In addition to Kubernetes binaries that are tested, signed, and supported by VMware, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides the services such as networking, authentication, ingress control, and logging that a production Kubernetes environment requires.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid architecture

For more information about the key components of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, how you use them, and what they do, see Concepts and References.

Use the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Documentation

The documentation for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides information about how to install, configure, and use Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. This documentation applies to all 1.4.x releases.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for administrators who want to install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and use it to create and manage Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and their associated resources. This information is also intended for application administrators and developers who want to use Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to deploy and manage modern apps in a Kubernetes architecture. The information is written for users who have a basic understanding of Kubernetes and are familiar with container deployment concepts. In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes is not required.

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