If your IaaS account has multiple base VM images with the same version of Kubernetes that you are upgrading to, your tanzu management-cluster upgrade or tanzu cluster upgrade command can specify which OS version to use.

You specify the OS version with the --os-arch, --os-name, or --os-version options to the upgrade command. Possible values and defaults for these options include:

  • --os-name value depends on cloud infrastructure:
    • vSphere: ubuntu (default) or photon for Photon OS
    • Amazon EC2: ubuntu (default) or amazon for Amazon Linux
    • Azure: ubuntu
  • --os-version value depends on os-name:
    • ubuntu values include: 20.04 (default), 18.04
    • photon values include: 3 (default)
    • amazon values include: 2 (default)
  • --os-arch value: amd64 (default)

If you do not specify an --os-name when upgrading a cluster, its nodes retain their existing --os-name setting.

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