Upgrade an Internet-Restricted vSphere Deployment

If you deployed the previous version of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in an Internet-restricted environment, do the following steps on a machine with an Internet connection.

  1. Download and install the new version of the Tanzu CLI. See Download and Install the Tanzu CLI and Other Tools.

  2. Perform the steps in Prepare to Upgrade Clusters on vSphere to deploy the new base OS image OVA files.

  3. Perform the steps in Prepare Environment to run the gen-publish-images.sh and download-images.sh scripts.

If you have an images-copy-list or publish-images.sh file from a previous deployment, you must still run gen-publish-images.sh to regenerate the images-copy-list so that it includes the latest component versions, and then run download-images.sh on the new images-copy-list to save them to your local private Docker registry.

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