Upgrading Workload Clusters

This topic lists procedures for upgrading workload clusters to newer versions of Kubernetes.

Upgrading Clusters Deployed by a Standalone Management Cluster

To upgrade a workload cluster deployed by a standalone management cluster, you must first upgrade the management cluster. You cannot upgrade the workload cluster until you upgrade the management cluster that manages it.

For instructions on how to upgrade a standalone management cluster and workload clusters it manages, see Upgrading Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in Deploying and Managing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2.1 Standalone Management Clusters.

Upgrading Clusters Deployed by Supervisor (vSphere 8 Only)

To upgrade a workload cluster deployed by vSphere 8 Supervisor to a newer Kubernetes version, follow the instructions below:

For more information, see Maintaining TKG 2 Clusters on Supervisor.

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