Select an OS During Cluster Upgrade

If your IaaS account has multiple base VM images with the same version of Kubernetes that you are upgrading to, your tanzu mc upgrade or tanzu cluster upgrade command can specify which OS version to use.

You specify the OS version with the --os-arch, --os-name, or --os-version options to the upgrade command. Possible values and defaults for these options include:

  • --os-name value depends on cloud infrastructure:
    • vSphere: ubuntu (default) or photon for Photon OS
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS): ubuntu (default) or amazon for Amazon Linux
    • Azure: ubuntu
  • --os-version value depends on os-name:
    • ubuntu values include: 20.04 (default), 18.04
    • photon values include: 3 (default)
    • amazon values include: 2 (default)
  • --os-arch value: amd64 (default)

If you do not specify an --os-name when upgrading a cluster, its nodes retain their existing --os-name setting.

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