Managing Workload Clusters

This publication describes how to manage workload clusters with the Tanzu CLI. See the following topics:


Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v2.4.x is the last version of TKG that supports the management of TKG workload clusters on AWS and Azure. The ability to manage TKG workload clusters on AWS and Azure will be removed in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v2.5 release.

Starting from now, VMware recommends that you use Tanzu Mission Control to create native AWS EKS and Azure AKS clusters. However, managing existing TKG workload clusters on AWS and Azure remains fully supported for all TKG releases up to and including TKG v2.4.x.

For more information, see Deprecation of TKG Management and Workload Clusters on AWS and Azure in the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid v2.4 Release Notes.

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