Create and Manage Workload Clusters

The topics in this section describe how to configure workload clusters and use the Tanzu CLI to create and manage the clusters on vSphere 8 with Supervisor.

You can create two types of workload clusters:

  • Class-based clusters
  • TKC-based clusters (legacy)

The workload cluster types are described in Workload Cluster Types: Class-based, TKC, and Plan-based.

To create a workload cluster with the Tanzu CLI, you:

  1. Log in to the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor as described in Connect the Tanzu CLI to the Supervisor.

  2. Configure the cluster as described in Configure Workload Clusters.

  3. Create the cluster as described in Create Workload Clusters.

To create workload clusters in other ways, without the Tanzu CLI, see:

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