Create and Manage TKG 2 Clusters with the Tanzu CLI


This publication explains how to use the Tanzu CLI to create and manage Kubernetes clusters created by a Supervisor in vSphere 8. The Supervisor works as a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster, enabled by a vSphere with Tanzu subscription.

With the Supervisor as a TKG management cluster, you can connect to it using the Tanzu CLI and other interfaces and run high-level management operations to configure, create, extend, monitor, and otherwise manage workload clusters, to serve as a distributed and enterprise-ready infrastructure for hosting containerized apps.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid 2 refers to how the latest Tanzu CLI (v1.6) works with the Supervisor in vSphere 8 and the new capabilities of this client/server pair. Specifically, TKG 2 uses improved Cluster object definitions backed by a new ClusterClass object type defined in version v1.x (v1beta1) of the Cluster API open-source toolset for Kubernetes cluster management. These redesigned cluster objects, class-based workload clusters are simpler, more modular, and more cross-compatible than the corresponding objects in previous versions of Cluster API.

Other TKG Documentation

This publication covers using the Tanzu CLI with a Supervisor on vSphere 8, but TKG has deployment options on other infrastructures that require different procedures, which are documented in other publications. As TKG continues to support legacy cluster objects and expands to incorporate new cluster objects on additional infrastructures, TKG users will require parallel documentation.

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