CLI-Managed Packages and Package Repositories

This section lists CLI-managed packages that you can deploy to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters and the package repositories where they are published. To learn more about packages, see Packages in About Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.


CLI-managed packages extend Kubernetes clusters created by Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. After creating a cluster, you can install packages from the tanzu-standard package repository or from package repositories that you add to the cluster. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid manages the lifecycle of the tanzu-standard package repository.

Note: VMware provides support for Prometheus, Grafana, Fluent Bit, External DNS, and Multus when used with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG). Custom configurations and modifications/updates are beyond the current scope of VMware’s support.

Packages and Package Repositories

A CLI-managed package is an optional component of a Kubernetes cluster that you can install and manage with the Tanzu Command Line Interface (CLI). These packages are installed after cluster creation.

CLI-managed packages are distributed via package repositories. To install and manage package repositories and the packages they contain, you use the tanzu package plugin of the Tanzu CLI. For information about how to use the tanzu package plugin, see Install and Manage Packages.

Tanzu Standard Repository Contents

The tanzu-standard package repository distributed with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes the following CLI-managed packages. These packages provide in-cluster services to the Kubernetes workloads running in your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environment and are all validated for TKG.

Function Package Package repository
Certificate management cert-manager tanzu-standard
Container networking multus-cni tanzu-standard
Container registry harbor tanzu-standard
Continuous delivery (CD) fluxcd-source-controller
Ingress control contour tanzu-standard
Log forwarding fluent-bit tanzu-standard
Monitoring grafana
Service discovery external-dns tanzu-standard

Tanzu Application Platform Repository

The Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) repository contains CLI-managed packages useful for developers, such as Tanzu Application Platform, Tanzu Build Service, Cloud Native Runtimes, Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu, and Cartographer.

For a list of packages that the TAP repository contains and how to install them in workload clusters, see Installing the Tanzu Application Platform Packages and Profiles in the Tanzu Application Platform documentation.

Package Versions

You can run different versions of the CLI-managed packages in different workload clusters. In a workload cluster, you can run either the latest supported version of a CLI-managed package or the versions that are released with the last two Tanzu Kubernetes Grid releases. For example, if the latest supported version of Contour is 1.17.1 and the last two Tanzu Kubernetes Grid releases had the Contour versions 1.12.0 and 1.8.1, you can run version 1.17.1, 1.12.0, or 1.8.1 of Contour in a workload cluster.

Package Locations and Dependencies

When you install a CLI-managed package from the tanzu-standard package repository, you install it in a workload cluster. If the package depends on other packages in the package repository, you must install them first. After you prepare your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environment as described in Preparing to Install CLI-Managed Packages, follow the links in the Installation procedure column. These topics provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure and install each of the packages in the tanzu-standard package repository. For information about how to use the tanzu package plugin, see Packages in Install and Manage Packages.

Package Dependencies Installation location Installation procedure
cert-manager n/a Workload cluster Install cert-manager for Certificate Management
contour Requires cert-manager Workload cluster Install Contour for Ingress Control
external-dns Requires cert-manager
Requires contour if you want to create DNS records for Contour HTTPProxy resources
Workload cluster Install External DNS for Service Discovery
fluent-bit Requires cert-manager Workload cluster Install Fluent Bit for Log Forwarding
flux-source-controller Requires cert-manager Workload cluster flux-source-controller Readme
grafana Requires cert-manager, contour, and prometheus Workload cluster Install Prometheus and Grafana for Monitoring
harbor Requires cert-manager
Requires contour or NSX ALB for ingress
Recommends external-dns on infrastructure platforms with load balancing such as vSphere with NSX Advanced Load Balancer, especially in production or other environments in which Harbor availability is important
Workload Install Harbor for Service Registry
helm-controller Requires cert-manager and flux-source-controller Workload cluster helm-controller Readme
kustomize-controller Requires cert-manager and flux-source-controller Workload cluster kustomize-controller Readme
multus-cni Requires cert-manager Workload cluster Deploy Multus on Workload Clusters
prometheus Requires cert-manager Workload cluster Install Prometheus and Grafana for Monitoring

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