About VMware Tanzu CLI - Tanzu Mission Control Plug-ins

This documentation provides information about using the Tanzu Mission Control plug-ins for the Tanzu CLI. VMware Tanzu Mission Control is a platform for modern application management that provides a single control point for teams to more easily manage Kubernetes and operate modern containerized applications across multiple clouds and clusters. As an API-driven service, Tanzu Mission Control allows you to declaratively manage all your clusters through its API, the CLI, or the web-based console.

The Tanzu CLI is available for use with Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed (starting in version 1.1). However, not all of the CLI plugins that are currently available for the latest SaaS version of Tanzu Mission Control are usable in TMC Self-Managed. For information on which plugins are supported, refer to the release notes for your version of TMC Self-Managed.

Capabilities of the Tanzu Mission Control Plug-ins

The Tanzu Mission Control plug-ins for the Tanzu CLI allow you to create and manage Kubernetes clusters and cluster groups, namespaces and workspaces, data protection, and policies.
Some of the cluster management capabilities of Tanzu Mission Control include:

  • Cluster Lifecycle Management
    Using Tanzu Mission Control, you can connect to your own cloud provider account to create new clusters, resize and upgrade them, and delete clusters that are no longer needed.

  • Cluster Observability and Diagnostics
    See the health and resource usage for each of your clusters from a single console. View cluster details, namespaces, nodes, and workloads directly from the Tanzu Mission Control console.

  • Cluster Inspections
    Run preconfigured inspections against your clusters using Sonobuoy to ensure consistency over your fleet of clusters.

  • Data Protection
    Back up and restore the data resources in your clusters using Velero to ensure the protection of the valuable data resources in your clusters.

  • Access Control
    Tanzu Mission Control starts with a secure by default service, and allows you to use federated identity management and apply granular role-based access control to fine tune your security requirements.

  • Policy Management
    Rather than manually dealing with the many aspects of managing your Kubernetes resources and the apps that use them, you can create policies to consistently manage your clusters, namespaces, and workloads.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for platform administrators and operators who want to use the Tanzu CLI to create and manage Kubernetes clusters and their associated resources. This information is also intended for application administrators and developers who want to use the Tanzu CLI to deploy and manage modern apps in a Kubernetes architecture.
This information is written for developers who have a basic understanding of Kubernetes and are familiar with container deployment concepts. In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes is not required.

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