Learn about the minimum requirements for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters that you manage through VMware Tanzu Mission Control and the platforms that are supported for this integration.

Configuration Requirements for Registering Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters

To effectively use Tanzu Mission Control to manage your Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, make sure that your clusters abide by the following configuration guidelines.
  • Your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster must be a production cluster with multiple control plane nodes.
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters need at least 4 CPUs and 8 GB of memory.
  • To add a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload cluster to Tanzu Observability, the cluster must have a minimum of two worker nodes.

Supported Environments for Registering Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters

Tanzu Mission Control supports the registration of management clusters running in the following environments:
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service Supervisor Clusters running in vSphere with Tanzu.
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management clusters (version 1.2 or later) running in vSphere, including vSphere on VMware Cloud on AWS (version 1.12).

Do not attempt to register any other kind of management cluster with Tanzu Mission Control.

Tanzu Mission Control does not support the registration of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management clusters prior to version 1.2.


Tanzu Mission Control also supports the provisioning of workload clusters through an existing lifecycle management cloud provider account connection through the aws-hosted management cluster, which is implicitly registered with Tanzu Mission Control.