Using VMware Tanzu Mission Control, you can protect the valuable data resources in your Kubernetes clusters using the backup and restore functionality provided by Velero, an open source community standard.

The data protection features of Tanzu Mission Control allow you to create backups of the following types:
  • all resources in a cluster
  • selected namespaces in a cluster
  • specific resources in a cluster identified by a given label
You can selectively restore the backups you have created, by specifying the following:
  • the entire backup
  • selected namespaces from the backup
  • specific resources from the backup identified by a given label

Additionally, you can manage the storage of backups and volume snapshots you create by specifying a retention period for each backup and deleting restorable backups that are no longer needed. For more information about Velero, visit

About Volume Snapshots in Tanzu Mission Control

When backing up a cluster, Tanzu Mission Control creates snapshots of persistent volumes. This functionality is available only if the cluster, either attached or provisioned, exists in the same AWS account to which the data protection credential is attached.