Learn how much memory and CPU usage is consumed by the cluster agent extensions that are installed by VMware Tanzu Mission Control on managed Kubernetes clusters, both attached and provisioned.

When you attach or provision a cluster in Tanzu Mission Control, the cluster agent service installs a set of cluster agent extensions and custom resource definitions into your cluster to enable Tanzu Mission Control to communicate with your cluster.

Table 1. Memory and CPU Reservations and Limits for Cluster Agent Extensions
Extension Memory Reservation Memory Limit CPU Reservation CPU Limit
agent-updater 100Mi 150Mi 100m 100m
agentupdater-workload 100Mi 150Mi 100m 100m
cluster-health-extension 128Mi 2Gi 100m 1
manager (data-protection) 128Mi 512Mi 50m 100m
extension-manager 100Mi 150Mi 100m 100m
extension-updater 128Mi 512Mi 50m 100m
manager (inspection-extension) 128Mi 256Mi 10m 500m
intent-agent 150Mi 150Mi 100m 100m
manager (policy-sync-extension) 128Mi 256Mi 10m 500m
manager (policy-webhook) 128Mi 256Mi 100m 100m
sync-agent 128Mi 2Gi 100m 2
tmc-observer 100Mi 150Mi 50m 100m