Release a workload cluster that was previously added to Tanzu Mission Control management.


Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console.

Make sure you have the appropriate permissions:
  • To remove a workload cluster from Tanzu Mission Control management, you must be associated with the managementcluster.admin role.


  1. In the left navigation pane of the Tanzu Mission Control console, click Administration, and then click the Management clusters tab.
  2. In the table of management clusters, click the management cluster that contains the workload cluster you want to remove from management.
  3. On the management cluster detail page, click the Workload clusters tab.
  4. In the list of workload clusters, select the cluster you want to remove by clicking the checkbox next to the name, and then click Unmanage Cluster.
    You cannot remove multiple workload clusters at the same time.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Unmanage.


When you click Unmanage, Tanzu Mission Control removes the cluster agent extensions from the workload cluster and removes it from the cluster group.