Make sure your AWS EKS clusters are properly configured. To manage the lifecycle of EKS clusters with Tanzu Mission Control, your clusters must satisfy the constraints described in this topic.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Only the following versions of Kubernetes are supported.
  • 1.25
  • 1.24
  • 1.23
  • 1.22

Clusters and nodes must be ACTIVE

All clusters and node groups in the cluster must be in an ACTIVE state.

Add-on validation

EKS supports the following add-ons, which are supported by Tanzu Mission Control as part of a managed cluster. These add-ons need policies in the Node IAM role. Tanzu Mission Control creates a Node IAM role when you create a CloudFormation stack while registering the AWS account with Tanzu Mission Control. This Node IAM role will have the necessary policies to run these four add-ons.

  • All supported add-ons must be in an Active state.
  • Supported add-ons:
    • Amazon VPC CNI
    • CoreDNS
    • kube-proxy
    • Amazon EBS CSI Driver

      The Amazon EBS CSI Driver is not required for bringing an existing EKS cluster under Tanzu Mission Control management. However, it is added when clusters are provisioned through Tanzu Mission Control.

    Only the add-ons in the list above are supported.

    If any of these add-ons are missing, Tanzu Mission Control can not manage the cluster.

Node validation

If a cluster has unmanaged nodes, users are responsible for managing such nodes even if the cluster is managed by Tanzu Mission Control.

Any cluster without at least one x86 node group is not supported.

AWS Fargate

Tanzu Mission Control does not support EKS clusters with Fargate profiles.

Unsupported AMI types

  • Windows based AMIs
  • ARM based AMIs


Tanzu Mission Control does not support lifecycle management of clusters with IPv6 networking.

EKS-managed third party cluster

Tanzu Mission Control does not support lifecycle management of EKS clusters that are third party clusters registered with EKS.