Remove a cluster group from your VMware Tanzu Mission Control organization.


Before starting this procedure, perform the following tasks:
  • Log in to the Tanzu Mission Control console.
  • Make sure the cluster group contains no clusters (either attached or provisioned).
  • Make sure you have the appropriate permissions. To delete a cluster group, you must be associated with the organization.edit role in your organization.


  1. In the left navigation pane of the Tanzu Mission Control console, click Cluster groups.
  2. In the cluster group list, click the cluster group you want to delete.
  3. Make sure the cluster group is empty.
    If there are any clusters (either attached or provisioned), you can not delete the cluster group.
  4. In the top right corner, click Actions, and then choose Delete cluster group from the dropdown.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.


The cluster group is permanently removed from your Tanzu Mission Control organization.